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[technology-pmc] Re: EPF: Seeking approval for 2 contributions

The Technology PMC approves your filling out the Contribution Questionnaire for these two. I'm a bit concerned about the GPL pieces of software (TinyMCE and html2text), but I'll let Janet say whether it is an issue. I.e., is it ok to encourage users to mix EPL and GPL code? Clearly it is against both the EPL and GPL to distribute a system that includes both EPL and GPL code. But if you just encourage users to use them together? I don't know.

- Bjorn
we are seeking PMC approval for 2 additional contributions so we can fill
in Contribution Questionnaire:

1) LogicaCMG would like approval to contribute Wiki technology. This technology will allow EPF Composer to publish a process that can then be edited through a Wiki. Below you find a list of components used. No commercial components will be donated, and we will resolve dependencies on commercial or other components as appropriate once the core code is open sourced. Charlie Yan will be the committer responsible for the contribution, working with Onno van der Straaten, who is the lead developer for the code.

2) Object Mentor and IBM would like to donate an EPF content plug-in for XP. Object Mentor, under the supervision of Robert (UncleBob) Martin wrote the content, with technical assistance from IBM. Ricardo Balduino is the committer responsible for the contribution.

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