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RE: [technology-pmc] F2F at OSCON?

I'm currently flying out on Thursday (July 27th) at 1855h. If we could move
this to Thursday afternoon (early afternoon works best), I'd be happy to
Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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> PMC Folks,
> On one of our recent calls, we discussed getting as many of 
> us as possible together at OSCON for a F2F PMC meeting.  I 
> believe we discussed Friday late afternoon/dinner.  I just 
> noticed the OSCON schedule ends at lunch.  So my questions are:
> Who is still up for a PMC meeting?  I am.
> How about making this a lunch / early afternoon meeting 
> instead, since that would be immediately following OSCON?
> Here's the OSCON schedule: 
> Cliff
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