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[technology-pmc] Re: Nebula project - new contribution and committer

Approved. But...

Do you have a written policy of this on your website somewhere? It's not quite standard because it doesn't have the training/mentoring period usual to ensure quality. I understand the logic and so we'll go ahead, but I'd like to have a written policy on this.

Also, one goal of all projects should be to increase committer diversity and thus having "one component maintained by one (the original) committer" is not a good long term strategy.


P.S. You still need to fill out the online form:

Christopher J Gross wrote:

Hi Bjorn,

We have voted on a new committer and contribution to Nebula:

Within Nebula, when contributions are accepted, the contributor also comes on board as a committer to update and maintain their contribution.  Can you please give approval for Jeremy?

-Chris Gross
Nebula Project Lead

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