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Re: [technology-pmc] Re: Release review request for EMFT components


my understanding was that projects in incubation could do 1.0 releases... So, EPF plan to have our 1.0 on Sep 30, and we plan to schedule a release review late July / Aug (and we will talk to tech pmc when we have all ducks in a row).
What do we need to do to resolve the incubation issue?


Per Kroll
STSM, Manager Methods: RUP / RMC
Project Lead: Eclipse Process Framework
Rational Software, IBM Corp

Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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06/02/2006 10:53 AM

Please respond to
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[technology-pmc] Re: Release review request for EMFT components

Vishwanath, Ed, Fred,
I have three answers for you: the good, the bad, and the ugly...

1.        The good - feel free to put your release review slides on your web pages; there are no restrictions on that at all.
2.        The bad - you have not talked to the Technology PMC about having a Release Review (at least not to my recollection). EMFT is a Technology sub-project and thus the PMC needs to be involved in this kind of major decision.
3.        The ugly - EMFT is in the Incubation phase. Incubating projects do not have 1.0 releases. If you would like EMFT to graduation from Incubation, you will need to talk to the Technology PMC.
- Bjorn

Vishwanath Ramaswamy wrote:


The release review slides are attached for the following EMFT components:

EMFT  - OCL, Validation, Transaction and Query

These four components are used by GMF and are indirectly aligned with the Callisto train through GMF.


With repect to the release review process I had a quick question. Should we put these slides up on the project web page before the review?


Vishy Ramaswamy

EMFT Component Lead (OCL, Transaction, Validation and Query)
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