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Re: [technology-pmc] Today's Technology PMC conference call is canceled

During the last PMC meeting, I was asked to propose revised wording
around the committer guidelines for the meeting we were to have today.
Issue #4 below is what I came up with, issues #1-3 are minor thoughts
about other parts of the charter.


ISSUE #1: "Users who contribute software or research become contributors"
--"Users who contribute software or research are referred to as

ISSUE #2: "Contributors who has the trust of the Project's Committers"
 --"Contributors who have earned the trust of the Project's Committers", or
 --"Contributors who have proven their merit to the Project's Committers"

ISSUE #3: "A Committer has write access to the...and/or bug tracking system."
-- might imply that contributors do not have ability to create new
bugs or add to existing ones.   Can't think of a better way to word it
right now -- might not be worth changing...

How a Contributor demonstrate trustworthiness to a Project's
Committers is defined by each Project's Committer and the PMC. Without
restricting or requiring the Projects to follow these mechanisms, here
are some recommended practices:

   * A Contributor can give frequent and valuable contributions a
Project or a component of a Project, or
   * A Contributor can have a extensive public record of contribution
to similar projects or technologies, or
   * A Contributor can be well known to be trustworthy to all of a
Project's Committers

The process agreed on by a Project's Committers and the PMC must
follow the Eclipse principles by being open and transparent.

To be consistent with the principles of openness, transparency, and
meritocracy, Committers should consider the following factors when
nominating new Committers:

   * the frequency and quality of the nominee's contributions to the
Project or to a component of the Project
   * the extent of the nominee's public contributions to similar
projects or technologies, or
   * the degree to which the nominee is considered a recognized
expert in the applicable fields by the Project's Contributors and

and then I'd bring the following paragraph up to immediately follow
this section:

"Becoming a Committer is a privilege that is earned by contributing
and showing discipline and good judgment. It is a responsibility that
should be neither given nor taken lightly, nor it is a right based on
employment by an Eclipse Member company. "


On 5/8/06, Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ed, Greg,
Today's Technology PMC conference call (the one we invited you guys to)
has been canceled because more than half the PMC is traveling and not
available. It looks like we'll reschedule it for May 22nd but... I'd
like to call each of you and get your feedback sooner than that, if you
don't mind - in other words, I'd like to move this charter change ahead
rather than delay and delay and delay.


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