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[technology-pmc] Re: adding new employees as committers

There are two issues here:

First, the easy issue: you not need to amend the Member Committer Agreement.

Second, the more difficult issue: committer privileges are done by voting of the existing committers and approval of the relevant PMC (in your case, the Technology PMC). The charter states these things about committers:

  • Developers who give frequent and valuable contributions to a Project, or component of a Project (in the case of large Projects), can have their status promoted to that of a "Committer" for that Project or component respectively.
  • Becoming a Committer is a privilege that is earned by contributing and showing discipline and good judgment. It is a responsibility that should be neither given nor taken lightly.
So just because you have new employees to contribute to a project does not mean that should become committers (i.e., have then shown "discipline and good judgment"?).  And even if they should become committers, they shouldn't become committers right away (i.e., have they show "frequent and valuable contributions"?).

I checked the laszlo-dev@ mailing list and I don't see any contirbutions by anyone, much less by anyone new.  Your new developers should start out by contributing, proving their 'programming chops' and then be put forward by their peers.


Amy Muntz wrote:

Laszlo Systems is an Add-In Provider member and involved heavily in  the IDEforLaszlo project, a Technology Project. We would like to  allocate more employees to the effort and need to get them committer  privileges.

I will have each person fill out: committer_process/member_committer_questionnaire.php

But, do we also need to amend our Member Committer Agreement? Can we  just send a revised list of employees?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance,
Amy Muntz

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