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Re: [swtchart-dev] GSoC 2019 : Extending the export options project

Hi Philip, 
Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I am interested in doing this project as part of GSoC 2019. I am sorry for being late to the party :P as I was travelling abroad for the past three weeks and unable to give this the required effort. I've looked into the code base, we can add new export handlers to package.

I'll look into the PDFBox library and see how we can use it for our purpose. Your work on the chemclipse project is really helpful.
For .svg and .eps formats, which are basically XML files, I suggest we use Apache XML Graphics Project which has a similar license to Apache PDFBox. Please let me know what you think about this.

I will share with you a draft proposal by April 2nd which will give us a week's time to make required changes before the April 9th deadline. 


On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 12:21 PM Philip Wenig <philip.wenig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Sanatt,

iText s licensed under the AGPL, so it will never find its way into the Eclipse ecosystem.That's why I would recommend to use Apache PDFBox. We already have a CQ in ChemClipse for Apache PDFBox version 2.0.6. So I would recommend trying to bring 2.0.6. and the latest version 2.0.14 to Eclipse Orbit so that it can be easily re-used by Eclipse projects:

Apache PDFBox

Eclipse Orbit

PDFBox is a powerful library. But it needs some knowledge to align elements like text, images. Especially if you'd like to layout a report e.g. in DIN A4 with center top left and scale mm. That's why I have already written an extension to use this library in a more convenient way:
org.eclipse.chemclipse.pdfbox.extensions.fragment.test -> see options in PageUtil_1_ITest

Writing an export converter for SWTChart is a great idea. It's already possible to add new export converter via two options

A) add a menu extension
B) register an extension via the extension point

Have a look at the example bundle (org.eclipse.swtchart.extensions.examples) package (

A) ZoomInHandler... -> chartSettings.addMenuEntry(new ZoomInHandler());
B) ResetXAxisHandler... -> MenuEntry=""

I've also played with the library VectorGraphics2d, but it is licensed under the GPL (see problem iText), so it can't be bundled with SWTChart:

So, I could be a mentor to help you implementing extensions via the GSoC program. Student applications period is open until April, 9th. Do you plan to attend and to submit a proposal?


Am 26.03.19 um 18:32 schrieb Sanatt Abrol:
Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. We need to add new export options like .pdf,  .svg etc.
I was doing some research over this and found iText and Apache PDFBox as libraries we can use to export our 'imageData'.
iText has both free and commercial license which I doubt we can use in our case. Apache PDFBox however is open-source.
Is it possible to use Apache PDFBox for our project? 
If not, then I suppose we are required to write our own 'pdf exporter' which is something I think the whole Eclipse community can benefit from (if something like this is not already written by the community).

Please let me know what you think :)

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