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Re: [swordfish-dev] BPEL Support and Policies

Hi Chris,

> 1) Can someone please provide a short example (maybe the example from 
> EclipseCon 09 presentation ) about how to use policies in a service? 
> Maybe just telling how and where to put a xml file and in which format 
> is already enought!

The current implementation of the policy-aware resolver assumes that a WS-Policy element containing the service provider policy is enclosed in the binding section of the WSDL document. On the consumer side, we currently assume that a corresponding WS-Policy document is available on the classpath of the org.eclipse.swordfish.plugins.resolver-policy bundle. This solution is only a temporary one and definitely needs to be improved. Unfortunately, as of now there is no comprehensive example that demonstrates how to use policies in Swordfish. We expect to have something ready for the Swordfish tutorial we've proposed for EclipseCon 2010 in March, though.

> 2) I cannot find the Bundle 
> for BPEL support! Is ODE not available any more? Can I check out an old 
> version, just to get the samples working?

ODE has never "officially" been available as part of Swordfish, since the version we've been able to successfully integrate does have some third-party IP issues that prevent us from putting into the Eclipse source repository. If you're interested, we can make this integration available to you on another channel, please get back to me by direct email. :-)


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