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[swordfish-dev] BPEL Support and Policies

Hi Swordfish Team!!!

I am really interessted in Policy-based Services and Swordfish BPEL Support. Have already asked for help at this mailing list, but it seems, that no one can provide any information :-((!

So, this is my last try to get some info (to not want to be a pain in the neck!!!):

1) Can someone please provide a short example (maybe the example from EclipseCon 09 presentation ) about how to use policies in a service? Maybe just telling how and where to put a xml file and in which format is already enought!

2) I cannot find the Bundle for BPEL support! Is ODE not available any more? Can I check out an old version, just to get the samples working?

Really hope for any answer this time ;-)!!!

Thanks a lot

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