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Re: [swordfish-dev] Swordfish Tests

Title: Re: [swordfish-dev] Swordfish Tests
Hi Chris,

This code is related to the behaviour of the Jetty http server used inside Swordfish. URLs that do not point to a file have to be terminated with a slash ("/") character. Please ensure that the service URL in your WSDL stored in the service registry (for dynamic endpoint resolution) and/or your jaxws-consumer.xml (for static endpoint resolution) ends with a slash.


On 11/20/09 22:00, "Volitsol" <christian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi everybody!

I am doing some tests with the swordfish framework! Designed an simple
wsdl file and want to generate a JAX-WS service provider. Works perfect :-)
Can also access the wsdl in my browser!!
Then I want to test the wsdl file with the eclipse Web Service Explorer
but always get

IWAB0135E An unexpected error has occurred.

I have attached the wsdl file!
What sis wrong with this wsdl file?

thanks a lot for your help!

Jürgen Kindler

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