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[swordfish-dev] Spring Osgi 1.0.2

This mailing list seems pretty inactive.  Is swordfish still moving forward?  I guess I'll give another post a chance.

I noticed that Swordfish is using Spring Osgi 1.0.2.  Several Servicemix4 bundles (which use 1.2) were modified to remove options not found in 1.0.2 (namely osgix:cm-properties were moved to properties files).

Was the decision to use 1.0.2 based on a technical issue (maybe an incompatibility with Equinox, or some other issue?), or is that just what came through the Eclipse IP process?

I'm interested in using other SMX4 components with Swordfish, but some of them have the same issue.  I know the whitepaper mentioned the Servicemix library of components as an important thing for the platform.

It should be easy enough (although not desirable) to modify those bundles to work with 1.0.2, but I was curious about the long term goals.  Will SMX components be modified and made available as Swordfish components, or will you seek to maintain compatibility?


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