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[swordfish-dev] Chat transcript 29/10/2008

Title: [swordfish-dev] Chat transcript 29/10/2008
[START Transcript 29/10/2008]

Volodymyr Zhabiuk
It seems the dependencies that could not be found in the public repositories are odd or could be replaced. In one hour I will commit th revisioned pom.xml for the org.eclipse.swordfish.planner project. O course, if there are no objections on Dietmar's part

Andrey Kopachevsky
tring to build projects via PDE, waiting for your reaction on exception handling, also I'm planing to extract my exception planing examples in separate project after refactoring

Volodymyr Zhabiuk
Later we will need to take care of the configuration manager
@Dietmar: we don't need the dependency to org.eclipse.equinox.cmb 1.0.0. As it seems  in the osgi environment is provided as the osgi service with the interface That interface can be found in the public accessable jar <dependency>
All the other unsatisfied dependency problems were addressed
When i added org.eclipse.equinox.cm_3.2.0.v20070116.jar to the target platform. In the tracing there was the message: registerService[initial@reference:file:org.eclipse.equinox.cm_3.2.0.v20070116.jar/ [22]]({}={})

Dietmar Wolz
there are no objections as long as the integration test wit the actual version remains green
another thing: the used versions of the equinox and spring stuff should be the same after the change

Volodymyr Zhabiuk

Andrey Kopachevsky
BTW I need approval about exception listener interface I created
this is probably question for Andreas

Volodymyr Zhabiuk
Dietmar, How do you launch the integration tests?

Oliver Wolf
just for the record: I'd prefer RuntimeException and I don't insist on putting the planner back into the core bundle

Andreas Mattes
Comment on Swordfish Exception: For me it is ok to have the SwordfishException as RuntimeException. All exceptional cases resulting from defects in the code or improper installation of the system which cannot be compensated at runtime should raise a RuntimeException. However, exceptional cases which may occur in a properly implemented and installed system caused by conditions which cannot be avoided by the system (e.g. network outage) and therefore require to be dealt with, should raise a checked exception and enforce proper error handling.

Andrey Kopachevsky
@Andreas: can you also take a look on InterceptorExceptionListener Interface

Andreas Mattes
For the interceptor interface a checked exception may make sense if we see a case where an Exception or a group of Exceptions provokes a specific error handling by the core. However, if error handling is uniform for all excptions (including e.g. a NullPointerException), a RuntimeException is ok.
Comment on separate bundle for planner: I see some good reasons for having the planner as a separate bundle: 1. It's easier to avoid tight coupling and uncontrolled dependencies 2. It's easier if we see in the future that we have too many bundles to put things together than to separate parts of one bundle into two if we find that separation is better. 3. It's easier to replace the implementation of the planner in the future.

Volodymyr Zhabiuk
Commited the core.planner pom.xml. All the unnecessary dependencies were removed
Gentlemen, we need to discuss ConfigurationManager api. Dietmar, it seems you have made some prototyping?

Dietmar Wolz
Regarding CM there is not really a prototype, but it is not really a problem. Does the planner integration test work at your side with the new pom? Some dependencies were only runtime dependencies, so I hope you haven't removed too much. Would it be useful to have such a kind of osgi integration test for the interceptor executor and the exception mechanism? Could you and Andrey provied such tests (in separate projects)?

Oliver Wolf
@volodymyr: there are two things that you could start doing if you've finished your current task:
1) create a test case for teh config admin service to verify the functionality
2) create javadoc for the api interfaces (dietnar and me will of course also contribute and review)
@andrey: could you start creating an integration test case for teh interceptor executor including exception handling?

Volodymyr Zhabiuk
Regarding the integration test, I wasn't able to launch it. Maybe I will need Dietmar's help
About 1). Should I create the test case before CM is implemented?
2) Will do

Dietmar Wolz
As I said before, I fear that you change of the pom is the source of the problem, there are runtime dependencies not visible at compile time. So I propose you try to get it working using the old pom - which is working for me - just to be sure its the pom causing trouble - and then try to remove things from the pom

Volodymyr Zhabiuk
Should I launch the test from the eclipse? will it start the osgi environment based on the current target platform?

Dietmar Wolz
no, its independent of any eclipse bundle concept like target platform, the used bundles are defined expicitely in the test. You yust have to execute it as Junit Test
the advantage is that it executes identically from maven without the need for tycho

Volodymyr Zhabiuk
ok. Will try to run it
Thanks Dietmar


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