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[swordfish-dev] ServiceMix 4 inside Swordfish

In order to begin integrating servicemix 4 inside Swordfish, I will
compile a list of OSGi bundles that are needed from ServiceMix 4 and
their runtime dependencies.
The question is how much we want to pull from ServiceMix.

If we restrict to the NMR api and implementation, it would be:

The first one only depends on the activation spec.
The second one has an optional dependency on camel-core which itself
depends on jaxb2 api.

Then, there are other things we can reuse:
  * spring wiring of the NMR (which is used to actually create the
NMR, configure it and register it in the OSGi registry).  This would
bring dependencies on spring and spring dynamic modules.  But I think
we could also wire it using a hard coded activator or something else.
  * JMX layer for NMR endpoints (depends on spring a bit)
  * we can include the commands related to the NMR, but this means we
need part of the ServiceMix Kernel console
  * we can also include the JBI layer which brings in a handful of other jars.

Thoughts ?

Guillaume Nodet

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