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Re: [sumo-user] Warnings of Emergency Braking in Sub Lane Model:

Respected Sir, 
Please look into the matter and guide me how to resolve this issue. 


On Thu, 29 Jun, 2023, 6:02 pm Mayank Singh, <mayanksingh.daiict@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Respected Sir,
In our SUMO simulation, we simulate Heterogeneous traffic using a sub lane model with a lateral resolution of 1.07
The warnings are as below:
Warning: Teleporting vehicle 'mixed.1215'; collision with vehicle 'mixed.1216', lane='beg_1', gap=-4.60', latGap=-0.00, time=736.00 stage=laneChange.
Warning: Vehicle 'mixed.1215' ends teleporting on edge 'end', time=739.00.
Warning: Vehicle 'mixed.1412' performs emergency braking on lane 'beg_2' with decel=9.00, wished=4.34, severity=1.00, time=853.50.
Warning: Vehicle 'mixed.1755' performs emergency braking on lane 'beg_1' with decel=10.00, wished=4.66, severity=1.00, time=1057.00.

I have enclosed my simulation files for your reference.

Please guide me in resolving this issue and advise me accordingly.


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