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[sumo-user] VariableSpeedSigns in TraCI

Dear all,
I am trying to implement dynamic traffic control on a freeway using
variable speed signs. I noticed that the TraCI functions are missing
for vss so I tried to use the get or set parameter function, which
didn't work out. I also tried to create the traci functions myself as
follows, but they also have no effect. What is the right way to add
such functions to traci?


def getSpeed(self,vssID):
return self._getUniversal(tc.CMD_GET_VARIABLESPEEDSIGN_VARIABLE,'speed',vssID)

gets the speed in m/s for the named variable speed sign within the last step.
def setSpeed(self, vssID, speed):
"""setSpeed(string, double)

sets the speed in m/s for the named variable speed sign.

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