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Re: [sumo-user] automatic naming for groups of edges in netgenerate

you can use option --prefix to prefix all ids with the given string (custom suffixes are not supported though).

Am Mi., 24. Mai 2023 um 23:12 Uhr schrieb ISIK ILBER SIRMATEL <iilbersirmatel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi all,

I am using SUMO for academic research (traffic flow modeling and control).

Using "netgenerate" command (or something similar), I want to be able generate a network that consists of two distinct subnetworks (imagine they are connected in the middle with horizontal edges) like this:
where the objects belonging to region 1 all have a (automatically assigned) region-specific ID ending with "R1" for example, and same for region 2 with "R2".

Is it possible to do this in SUMO? Thanks a lot in advance.
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