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Re: [sumo-user] Question about randomTrips

1. some people use the term "arrival rate" to denote "arrival in the scenario" (i.e. thinking of customer arrival rate) and the section title was chosen to help these people find what they are looking for. 
2. by default the number of vehicles departing in the same second is tied to the --period option (i.e exactly one vehicle each second for period = 1).  With --binomial, the number of departures per second is randomized.

Am Do., 25. Mai 2023 um 11:46 Uhr schrieb Florian Schnepf <florian.schnepf97@xxxxxx>:
Hello everyone,
I have two questions about this part of
  • I don't understand why arrival rate and insertion rate is the same.
  • The second thing is the option --binomial. Without the option, the arrival rate already looks like a binomial distribution. I cannot see the influence of the option with different values in the plots. 
Can someone give me a tip?
What does the option do in the background? The insertion rate stays the same, so will the trips be longer with this option?
Thanks in advance
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