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Re: [sumo-user] unable to run sumo using command line on master

Please provide minimal input files for reproducing the issue.

Am Mi., 10. Mai 2023 um 15:31 Uhr schrieb Mahima <mahima13@xxxxxxxxx>:

I am using the sumo master codebase. I am unable to run sumo using the command line. Although the below sumocfg file with the following command was working fine on the older codebase. Do I need to change anything on the master?

sumo/bin/sumo -c tmp.sumocfg --tripinfo-output sumo-trip.xml --fcd-output fcd.xml


        <net-file value=""/>
        <route-files value="test.rou.xml"/>
        <start value="true"/>
        <begin value="0"/>
        <end value="10800"/>
        <step-length value='0.5'/>
        <!-- <device.rerouting.with-taz/> -->
            <collision.action value="remove"/>
        <collision.check-junctions value="true"/>
        <device.rerouting.period value="20" />
        <device.rerouting.synchronize />
            <collision.mingap-factor value="0"/>
        <!-- <time-to-teleport value="-1"/> -->
        <ignore-junction-blocker value="3"/>
        <scale value="1"/>
        <verbose value="true"/>

The issue is that the simumation never ends at the end time. It just keeps on showing the step0. Find the screenshot below.


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