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Re: [sumo-user] Triggered start

Thanks for that - have corrected my usage. :)

I'm guessing that currently there is no way to trigger on multiple containers apart from specifying the individual container id's? 

ie I'd like to trigger depart when the vehicle is 'full' or has taken on a specific number of containers - listing them all is constraining when we're talking about a trainful!

At the moment my solution is to use container flows to trigger a vehicle trip which has an initial stop at the triggering container stop. This allows it to take on the rest of the containers before departing.

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On Tuesday, April 11th, 2023 at 08:30, Jakob Erdmann <namdre.sumo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Note, that containerTriggered="true" and triggered="true" (for persons) are the old (obsolete) form, since there are now additional things that can be triggers.
Unfortunately, the documentation was incomplete until now. Please refer to the updated description:

Am Mi., 5. Apr. 2023 um 14:38 Uhr schrieb The div <div@xxxxxxxx>:
Was doing it wrong - misread the docs was using
triggered="true" with expectedContainer=

Should have been

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On 3 Apr 2023, 23:41, The div < div@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't know if this is a defect or if I'm doing this wrong - (sumo 1.16 on windows 10)

Scenario - Simulating a train journey where the start point loads passengers and containers
  • Train trip from B to C with an initial stop at B
  • end of stop at B is triggered by a container - expectedContainers="xx.9"
( my person flows are configured to complete before the container flow completes. )

Trip definition looks something like: (where TTT is a train with person and container capacities specified)
<trip id="oops" type="TTT" depart="100" from="BBB" to="CCC" via=" DDD" arrivalSpeed="53">
<stop lane="BBB_0" endPos="106" triggered="true" expectedContainers="xx.9" />
<stop lane="YY_0" endPos="60" duration="60"/>

The .9 is because I have a number of containers (in this example: 10) and I want to trigger departure once all containers are loaded
  • If passengers are loaded before containers, the stop ends when the specified container is loaded. :.

  • If passengers are loaded after the specific container, with a gap, the stop ends when all the passengers are loaded. Behaviour that may be ok, but unexpected. :|

  • If no passengers are loaded the stop never ends. not good. :(

  • If I start the trip from A with a stop at B I get the same behaviour - the stop never ends. :(

  • If I start the trip with passengers loaded (ie flow triggered) I still need to load more passengers to end the stop, however under these circumstances the train leaves as soon as 1 passenger is loaded - leaving the others behind. :(

(The UI parameter window shows "stop info" as "parking, triggered" . I don't have 'parking="true" and setting parking="false" changes nothing. )

The implication is that I must have passengers boarding to have a container triggered start point. I have also tried adding expected="" with no effect.
Both passengers and containers are delivered to the train stop by bus and truck respectively - with person and container flows defining the end to end movement

any thoughts welcome - this is just an experiment on my part so not important.

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