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Re: [sumo-user] Triggered start

Was doing it wrong - misread the docs was using
triggered="true" with expectedContainer=

Should have been

-------- Original Message --------
On 3 Apr 2023, 23:41, The div < div@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't know if this is a defect or if I'm doing this wrong  -  (sumo 1.16 on windows 10)

Scenario  - Simulating a train journey where the start point loads passengers and containers
  • Train trip from B to C with an initial stop at B
  • end of stop at B is triggered by a container    -      expectedContainers="xx.9"     
 ( my person flows are configured to complete before the container flow completes. )

Trip definition looks something like:  (where TTT is a train with person and container capacities specified)
<trip id="oops"  type="TTT"  depart="100" from="BBB" to="CCC" via=" DDD"  arrivalSpeed="53">
   <stop lane="BBB_0" endPos="106"  triggered="true" expectedContainers="xx.9" />
   <stop lane="YY_0" endPos="60" duration="60"/>

The .9 is because I have a number of containers (in this example: 10) and I want to trigger departure once all containers are loaded
  • If passengers are loaded before containers, the stop ends when the specified container is loaded.  :.

  • If passengers are loaded after the specific container,  with a gap,  the stop ends when all the passengers are loaded.  Behaviour that may be ok,  but unexpected. :|

  • If no passengers are loaded the stop never ends.  not good. :(

  • If I start the trip from A with a stop at B I get the same behaviour - the stop never ends.  :(

  • If I start the trip with passengers loaded (ie flow triggered) I still need to load more passengers to end the stop, however under these circumstances the train leaves as soon as 1 passenger is loaded - leaving the others behind. :(

(The UI parameter window shows       "stop info"    as     "parking, triggered" .   I don't have 'parking="true" and setting   parking="false" changes nothing. )

The implication is that I must have passengers boarding to have a container triggered start point. I have also tried adding    expected=""  with no effect.
Both passengers and containers are delivered to the train stop by bus and truck respectively - with person and container flows defining the end to end movement

any thoughts welcome - this is just an experiment on my part so not important.


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