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Re: [sumo-user] Different headways

This sounds as if something goes wrong when loading the type of the rl vehicle. Please look into the saved state file and post the line that defines the vType of the rl vehicle.

Am Do., 23. März 2023 um 14:47 Uhr schrieb Stefano Bonasera <stefano.bonasera@xxxxxxxxx>:

I use sumo 1.16, interfacing with python.
I noticed a weird behavior when loading and saving state and I hope you can help me explain the motivation behind it

I have only two types of vehicles in my simulation (other and rl). Assume the rl vehicle has as a lead vehicle, say, "flow_15" with an headway of 245.65. I save the state via saveState, and immediately after load the same exact state via loadState. After loading the state I notice that:
1) If I subscribe the quantities I care about + the leader (subscribe()  + subscribeLeader()) for the rl vehicle and I request the subscription results for the same vehicle, the correct leader shows up, but the headway is reduced by half the rl vehicle car length, i.e. 243.15, assuming I am using the default value of 5
2) If I subscribe the rl vehicle (including also VAR_LENGTH), set the length of the vehicle via setLength() and then subscribe the leader through subscribeLeader, then both the correct lead vehicle and headway show up from the subscriptionResults

This change in headway happens only for the type of vehicle "rl", not for the "other" type of vehicle, which present in the subscriptionResults the correct lead vehicle and associated headway.
Is it an intended behavior or am I missing something?
Do you have a better approach to prevent this difference?

Thanks a lot for all the continuous support!

Kind regards,
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