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Re: [sumo-user] Container stops/parking

take a look at

Am Do., 23. März 2023 um 18:28 Uhr schrieb The div <div@xxxxxxxx>:
Eventually perhaps - those container baggage etc flows work fine, i'm in the middle of adding departing passengers.

I don't think its suitable as a tutorial though - too many trips - I'm trying to model a day at Heathrow!

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On Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 at 16:24, Haritonov Alexander <haritonov.alexander@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sounds interesting. Can you send me a project file?

The div <div@xxxxxxxx> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. márc. 23., Csü 16:52):
Have just been playing with container flows - involving aircraft modelled as trains and baggage trucks modelled as trucks: (tranship is used to get from road to rail and vice versa) - bContainer is just a container type with a smaller size to emulate aircraft pallets

a) vehicle triggered by arrival of a container:
this approach means that only one container is involved in the end to end flow - even though the triggered vehicle carries 6

<container id="containerBA1414" type="bContainer" depart="24279">
<stop containerStop="ct_t5baggageDrop" duration="10" /> <!-- simulating baggage drop off in terminal 5 -->
<tranship containerStop="ct_t5baggage"/> <!-- loading onto baggage truck -->
<transport to="-b509" arrivalPos="38" lines="cBaggageBA1414"/> <!-- transport to road by aircraft stand 509 -->
<tranship to="stand509"/> <!-- move from road edge to rail edge-->
<transport to="27L#23" lines="BA1414"/> <!-- transport in aircraft from stand to runway 27L takeoff-->
<trip id="cBaggageBA1414" type="baggage" depart="containerTriggered" containerNumber="6" from="-379842549#6" to="-379842549#6" via="-b509" >
<stop containerStop="ct_t5baggage" duration="1" /> <!--baggage truck stopping at T5 -->
<stop lane="-b509_0" endPos="38" parking="true" duration="2" /> <!--baggage truck stopping adjacent to stand 509 -->

b) 14 containers in vehicle (BA273) with flow to vehicle (baggageBA246) triggered by arrival of vehicle (BA273), transport of container(s) to T5 then onto baggage reclaim. In this case all containers are involved in the flow. Flight change is because landing flight BA246 leaves as BA273 - whilst stop durations are 1 the actual stop time is set by the loading duration.

<trip id="baggageBA246" type="baggage" depart="24360" from="-379842549#6" to="-379842549#6" via="b594-5" >
<stop lane="b594-5_0" endPos="105" parking="true" duration="822" /> <!--truck waiting for container to arrive m -->
<stop containerStop="ct_t5baggage" friendlyPos="true" parking="true" duration="1" /> <!-- truck stopping at T5 to unload -->

<trip id="BA273" type="A35K" depart="24360" from="27R#19" to="27L#23" via="27R#6 stand594 Taxiway_A-8#14 -N2E#1 27L#4" departSpeed="max" arrivalSpeed="53">
<stop lane="stand594_0" endPos="119" friendlyPos="true" until="47460" /> <!-- aircraft stopping at stand 594 -->
<stop lane="27L#4_0" endPos="60" duration="60"/> <!-- aircraft stopping at start of runway 27L before takeoff -->

<containerFlow id="cBA246" type="bContainer" begin="triggered" number="14" >
<transport from="27R#19" trainStop="ts_stand594" lines="BA273"/> <!-- baggage landing on runway 27R - carried to stand 594 -->
<tranship from="stand594" to="b594-5" arrivalPos="105"/> <!-- baggage moving from rail edge to road edge -->
<transport containerStop="ct_t5baggage" lines="baggageBA246"/> <!-- baggage being carried to T5 by baggage truck -->
<tranship containerStop="ct_t5baggageReclaim"/> <!-- baggage magically moving to baggage reclaim :) ->


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On Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 at 14:07, Haritonov Alexander <haritonov.alexander@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Can anyone point me into the right direction! I am strugling to find a tutorial for container flow/stop or parking. Basically I have to simulate a truck entering in a site at a certain point, load the goods at another point, wait…and leave at an exit.
Haritonov Alexander

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