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[sumo-user] Identical env states


SUMO version: 1.16

I am struggling with the following issue, working on python:
I start with two base environments (env1 and env2), randomly initialized, leveraging flow to spawn actors, and with identical road networks. The two envs will have at some point two different configurations of existing actors/env_states - e.g., env1 has 4 actors with specific x_i, y_i locations, velocity (lon and lat), angles, controllers, while env2 has 2 actors with different features.
At some point in my algo, I want env2 configuration to be identical to env1's one via copying the current configuration/env_state of env1 into env2: following the previous example, the final result would be for env2 to have a configuration with 4 actors, each with features (x_i, y_i locations, velocity (lon and lat), angles, controllers, ...) identical to what env1 has at that time.

I have tried several approaches to manually removing/adding and moving actors - all unsuccessful since I can change only a limited amount of features of each actor (for example I cannot set the controllers, or the lateral velocity), resulting in two different envs. Are you aware of any solution for replicating env1 configuration/env_state into env2? 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email and for the help in advance.

Kind regards,

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