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[sumo-user] Parking Area Behaviour

Hi everyone,

SUMO Version: eclipse-sumo== 1.16.0.post676

I am trying to dynamically assign an empty parking area to vehicles in an attempt to have pedestrians walk towards the parking areas where they are to be picked up from. I am currently spawning in the vehicles through TraCI and inserting the stop into the vehicle's route.

Below are the snippets of code used
traci.vehicle.add(vehID=f"coach_{batchNo}_{i}",routeID=routeID, typeID=vehicleType) #Blue bus
traci.vehicle.insertStop(vehID=f"coach_{batchNo}_{i}", nextStopIndex=boardingStopIndex, edgeID=boardingStopID, duration=30, flags=64)
traci.vehicle.setStopParameter(vehID=f"coach_{batchNo}_{i}", nextStopIndex=boardingStopIndex,param="extension", value="2000")
traci.vehicle.setStopParameter(vehID=f"coach_{batchNo}_{i}", nextStopIndex=boardingStopIndex,param="expected",value=passengerList)
traci.vehicle.setStopParameter(vehID=f"coach_{batchNo}_{i}", nextStopIndex=boardingStopIndex,param="triggered",value="true")

Inside the additionals file, I have also set rerouters to reroute the vehicles to the next available empty parking area. However, as seen in the image below, it does not seem that the blue vehicles which are spawned in using TraCI, are able to get rerouted to the next available parking space. If these vehicles are spawned in using the route demand file, it will work as intended.


Hence, I wanted to check if this current behaviour is working as intended as the stop I have assigned through TraCI for the blue vehicles is to be the first parking area on the left and thus the blue vehicles will not get rerouted to the other parking areas and instead wait for the space to be free. I have also tried assigning different parking areas but it would seem that they all behave in the same manner.

I would also like to check if it would be possible for vehicles spawned in using TraCI to utilise the parking space instead of stopping on the edge when assigned the parking area through traci.vehicle.insertStop(). Currently, the vehicles would stop on the edge where the parking area is located rather than utilising the parking space as seen in the below image.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email and for the help in advance.

Best Regards,
Nick Tan

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