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Re: [sumo-user] Rerouting according to each road traveltime during simulation

by default, webWizard creates a scenario with the following properties:
- only vehicle destinations but not the routes are fixed (<trip>)
- initial routes are selected according to current traffic conditions
If you want vehicles to modify their after they started driving, it is sufficient to add option
<device.rerouting.period value="300"/>  to you .sumocfg file.

Am Mi., 22. Feb. 2023 um 09:19 Uhr schrieb 최석환 <my2853121@xxxxxxxxx>:
I created traffic network and random demand using However, the path of each vehicle is predefined in the trip.xml file.
I want to reroute every 300 seconds according to the road travel time.

Do I need to add a command when I create a path from rou.xml to trips.xml?
Or should I add a command to the sumocfg file? 
Or should I modify the route according to the steps for each vehicle with traci?

If there are any other methods besides the three I wrote, please recommend documentation.

Thanks and regards,

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