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[sumo-user] Truck / Trailer GUI Shape Settings

Dear SUMO Team,


thank you so much for the quick response to my previous question.

I have another question concerning the GUI Shape Settings of Trucks /Trailers


    <vType id="taxi" vClass="taxi" guiShape="truck/trailer">

        <param key="" value="true"/>

        <param key="carriageLength" value="1"/>

        <param key="carriageGap" value="1"/>

        <param key="locomotiveLength" value="1"/>



In SUMO 1.15.0 the Truck is displayed as shown in the image below and I don’t understand how this settings work.

Is there a documentation on these parameters, because I couldn’t find any?


Best regards,









Dipl. -Phys. Emanuel Reichsöllner

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Hochschule Esslingen

University Of Applied Sciences

Fakultät Informationstechnik


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(Kompetenzzentrum für energetische und informationstechnische Mobilitätsschnittstellen)


Raum F01.405

Flandernstr. 101

73732 Esslingen


Email:  emanuel.reichsoellner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tel.: 0711/397-4207




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