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[sumo-user] Turning movement on a sublane


I am using the sublane model to simulate bicycle traffic on a bike lane network with signals. The lane width is 2 m, which is divided by four 0.5 m-width sublanes. The latAlignment is set to "right".

When I included turning movements at intersections, I observed that some bicycles would queue on the left side of the lane and could not find the proper gap to switch back to the right side and make a right-turning movement during green light because of other straight bicycles on the right side of the lane. It hence blocked the bicycles behind it a little bit and reduced the flow rate.

I tried to tune several parameters in the SL2015 model to avoid this. For instance, I set lcTurnAlignmentDistance to 100, but this would not make any difference since the latAlignment is on the right already. I also tuned lcSublane, lcPushy, and lcAssertive to encourage or enable bicycles to stay on the right, but some turning bicycles still go to the left when there is space for queueing. Is there any way to ensure these turning bicycles always keep themselves on the right side of the lane instead of queueing on the left in the sublane model setup?

Thank you very much for answering me!

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