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Re: [sumo-user] Connection mode

Adding such a connection with pass=true (overriding normal right-of-way considerations) will never be safe. If you want vehicles to use the left lanes despite having to take the exit, you can instead create a zipper merge for the middle and right lane (
If you want to include the left lane, add a second zipper merge.

Am So., 28. Aug. 2022 um 13:55 Uhr schrieb mehmet nedim yavuz <mehmetnedimyvz@xxxxxxxxx>:
I modeled a three-lane freeway network with an off-ramp.Before 200 meter of off-ramp,I designed a  parallel deceleration lane  for outflow vehicles. If I look into netedit connection mode, connection between the lanes is as shown below. In this case,there is no vehicle that goes through the left-most lane to the right-most lane(deceleration lane) for outflow. 
If I change it with using Ctrl+Shift+Left Click to pink (Target(pass)) is like as below figure,some vehicles goes through left-most lane to deceleration lane for outflow but in this case,I obtained collision warning as like figure below.
How do I solve this problem? Thank you for helping,regards.
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