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Re: [sumo-user] Regarding outputs through SUMO


Am Mo., 22. Aug. 2022 um 21:43 Uhr schrieb 191 000 <rohanverma446@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear community,
While simulating using SUMO-GUI, we have an option in the GUI to view the average speed of the network at various timeframes like 1 minute or 5 minutes which we can save as a .csv file. Is it possible to get the same data if one does not use SUMO-GUI for simulation?
If yes, could you kindly direct me on how to do this or direct me towards any literature?

Also, I am using a TraCI code which makes multiple requests, therefore, reducing simulation speed, will the speed increase if I use SUMO instead of SUMO-GUI?

Thanks and regards,
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