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[sumo-user] Aggregating edge traffic speeds

Dear SUMO users,

I have been building a traffic simulation for a 17km corridor with the intention of evaluating different bus priority measures. Even though the section is 17 km in length, certain bus priority measures (e.g., bus lanes) can be only used in certain stretches (~5km in length) based on the lane availability. My intention is to calculate the average speeds of the buses in these stretches so that I can compare before and after scenarios.

My current solution is to get the required traffic outputs using Edge Based Traffic Measures. There I use the ‘vTypes’ attribute to get the output only for buses. Since there are multiple edges in a stretch in concern, I later aggregate (group by and then take the mean) the values to get the ‘average speed’ of the buses in that stretch.

However, by reading SUMO documentation, I saw that this method is not encouraged ( )

“…Spatial aggregation (over multiple edges or lanes) is not as easy, especially if they are consecutive, because each vehicle generates data on each lane it is on, even if it is on multiple lanes. In the case of many short and fast-moving vehicles the error is negligible but if you have long and slow vehicles you cannot aggregate as above…”

Appreciate if I could get a suggestion to find a solution to the problem I have. Have I missed something out / Is there another SUMO output that could solve the problem I have?

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards,


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