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Re: [sumo-user] No. of vehicles using Poisson

Saturation is due to reaching the limit of insertion capacity. 
An easy way to increase this is by adding more lanes and setting departLane="best" (or "random" or "free") but there are many other settings that influence this capacity.

Am Fr., 3. Juni 2022 um 16:07 Uhr schrieb Radha Reddy <radha.reddy.ipp@xxxxxxxxx>:

I have used the flow defined using Poisson distribution.

I wanted to find the no. of continuous vehicles that are injected within the time <=4s, we call it the burst.

Various average rates are tested and above 0.05veh/s, the no. of continuous vehicles is saturated at 10vehicles (figure attached).

Is it correct? or are any hidden factors affecting it?
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