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[sumo-user] remove randomness in simulation


I ran two simulations and expected the result to be the same.

1) sumo -n net.xml -r routes_0.xml --random false --end 3600
2) sumo -n net.xml -r routes_0.xml,routes_1.xml --random false --end 3600

But I got different results. Depart time of all vehicles in routes_0.xml is less than 3600, and Depart time of all vehicles in routes_1.xml is more than 3600. But the simulation results are different.
Is there any solution for avoiding the randomness in simulations?

I thought maybe the randomness is from TLS. So I added  "--tls.all-off true " to the simulation command. But the results are different again.
The routes format for all vehicles look like this:
<vehicle id="0_10" depart="100" departLane="free" departSpeed="max">
<route edges="edge1 edge2 edge3 edge4"/>

The sumo version is 1.13.0, which I Installed by pip.

Best regards,

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