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Re: [sumo-user] docked bicycle system

 If you set your junction type to "unregulated" it creates a junction without *any* traffic rules. This is for special purposes and can easily cause collisions.
If you want a junction without a traffic light, a common pick would be 'priority' or 'right_before_left'. See

Am Fr., 3. Juni 2022 um 07:39 Uhr schrieb Manish Chaturvedi <msc.nit@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear SUMO users, I have a question regarding bicycle collisions on a dedicated bicycle lane.

I have generated Bicycle trips using tool and set up dedicated bicycle lanes in a Grid network.

The two vehicles are moving at the speed of 5.55 m/s and 5.28 m/s, respectively, even while approaching/crossing  an unregulated junction (without slowing down).

Finally, they  collide downstream on the merging lane, and one of them gets teleported to the next edge on its route. 

Few other similar collisions also occur in the simulation.

How to avoid  this? Should I increase the default gMinGap  from 0.5  to some higher value, or tune any other parameter? please suggest.




On Thu, Jun 2, 2022 at 9:40 AM Manish Chaturvedi <msc.nit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear SUMO users,

I want to design a docked bicycle system using SUMO  wherein the commuters can issue and return the bicycles at a nearby docking station. 
I am thinking of the following:
1) a docking station  can be designed as a parking area of having smaller size parking slots than normal vehicles
2) It should be accessible from the Bicycle lane/pedestrian lane
3) Bicycle will be modeled as a slow moving vehicle as suggested at
4) Person trips may be defined as a sequence of walk - issue bicycle - ride bicycle - return bicycle - walk

Is it the right way to attempt this? Please suggest some relevant pointers


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