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Re: [sumo-user] "Lazy" boarding behavior at stops: persons jump over lanes

Thanks Jakob for the useful comments,

I was not aware of this tolerancy!

I do already use tide startPos, endPos if I want people to enter. Wonder if I could actually set startPos=endPos if I want to stop the vehicle without letting people in. Let's try.



On 30/05/22 12:02, Jakob Erdmann wrote:
Hi Joerg,
I think the problem should be fixable by doing the following two things:
- set option "--ride.stop-tolerance 0" (whereas the default is 10m)
- define a narrow range for the vehicle stop (startPos, endPos). Note, that you can pick up persons waiting at a busStop even if the vehicle stop is defined with (lane, startPos, endPos).

The ride.stop-tolerane is checked for entry and egress and should also prevent getting out too early.
If you cannot get it to work with these suggestions, please send a small scenario that shows the problem.


Am Mo., 30. Mai 2022 um 10:21 Uhr schrieb joerg <schweizer.joerg@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear all,

I observed some unexpected behavior at stops:

1. persons can enter or leave vehicles at stops, even though the vehicle
is not at the lane where the stop is attached to, but also on lanes with
a higher lane index (means they jump from the platform across lanes into
the vehicle).

2. I noticed that persons  jump into vehicles even before they reached
their edge-position according to the plan. The only condition to board 
seems to be that a vehicles stops in the defined position-range and a
person just happens to be in this range when the vehicle stops. This
seems to occur in more recent SUMO versions.

Unfortunately with such a behavior I cannot selectively pick up persons
with vehicles at dedicated positions, or just park vehicles at certain

I've been complaining about this behavior some time ago. I found a
workaround, but especially the second behavior makes it impossible to do
what I intend. For my purpose access lists do not help, and changing
vehicle capacity dynamically through TraCi is not possible.

So maybe someone of you did find a way to handle this type of problem.
Otherwise I'd ask if it were a big issue to change code, there may be
some really simple ways of fixing:

- board only if vehicle is on the lane of the stop

- allow change vehicle capacity through TraCi (one could  lock the
vehicle by setting capacity to 0 or to the number of persons already in
the vehicle, but that would not prevent persons jumping off the vehicle
whenever it stops)

- adding a Lock attribute to the vehicle, this would be the best
solution and also closest to reality.

Thanks as always for any ideas on this matter.

Best wishes,


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