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Re: [sumo-user] Rotate a vehicle

Currently, the TraCI API does not provide a method for changing the angle directly.
If you are doing remoteControl via vehicle.moveToXY you can also override the angle but this makes it necessary to handle the position updates as well.

An alternative would be to make the vehicle invisible (set it's RGBA alpha=0)  and draw a POI in it's place. You can set the POI to render as an image file and freely change it's rotation

Am Mi., 18. Mai 2022 um 13:48 Uhr schrieb Thanhnt Nguyen <>:
Dear all
I have a question: How to rotate a vehicle in Omnet++/Veins/Sumo project?
I suppose the TraciCommandInterface lacks setAngle or changeAngle method to rotate the car
I am working in a small project: simulate an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and one of the difference (between car and AGV) is that AGV could rotate itself instead of turning left/right
Thank you in advance
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