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[sumo-user] Can sumo rerouter work together with `traci.vehicle.rerouteParkingArea'?

Hello Sumo developers and dear sumo users,

I have a question about the function `traci.vehicle.rerouteParkingArea' used with the sumo rerouter, the idea was shown in the following figure.
In my simulation, 
  • I want to use the sumo rerouter to simulate the driver's normal parking searching behaviour (without parking occupancy information, use the rerouter default parameter).
  • In the meantime, I want to use `traci.vehicle.rerouteParkingArea' to change these sumo rerouters-controlled vehicles' destinations according to the additional parking spaces occupancy database. To check whether the driver's preference may lead to meaningless cruising.
I want to ask whether the `traci.vehicle.rerouteParkingArea' can overwrite the sumo rerouter in one simulation step? When I put these two functions in a simulation loop, will these ideas work or conflict?

Thanks a lot for your kindly patient help!



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