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Re: [sumo-user] SUMO_idm_normal_driver - Motorcycle lane splitting

The motorcycle performs a change maneuver with the 'speedGain' motivation in this scenario.
This is triggered when the aggregated "motivation" collected over multiple steps exceeds a threshold value.
You can configure this threshold with vType attribute 'lcSpeedGain'.  Another relevant parameter is the temporal anticipation of future speeds configured with the lcSpeedGainLookahead parameter.  You can read more about the details of the lane change model at

Am Di., 10. Mai 2022 um 18:46 Uhr schrieb Ben Duprey via sumo-user <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

I had a question about the sumo_idm_normal_driver and how it handles lane splitting with motorcycles. 

I have a simulation set up in which I create the conditions for the motorcyclist to realize he needs to split the lane, e.g., cars in front of and slower than him, but I don't explicitly tell him to perform the lane split. 

In the end he does perform the lane split, but it's not clear how the driver model decides to accomplish this. A search of the documentation (so far) has not been successful.  

Any information would be appreciated. 

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