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Re: [sumo-user] Cooperation vs. No-cooperation

The effect of setLaneChangeMode is strictly to prevent certain kinds of lane changes (setting it once per vehicle is enough, it doesn't revert by itself).
In contrast, the lcCooperative parameter also affects cooperative speed adjustments because it provides the default value for lcCooperativeSpeed. This already explains some of the differences.
Due to a bug, lcCooperativeSpeed also effects speed adjustments by the ego vehicle and this probably accounts for the rest of the differene.


Am Di., 5. Apr. 2022 um 13:28 Uhr schrieb Hriday Sanghvi via sumo-user <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Maintaining the same scenario settings (3 lanes, 2000 m road, blockage on each lane, SL2015 LCM), I have run an entire simulation for 100 vehicles to complete their journey.

I find that two ways to be able to tell vehicles to either "be cooperative" (coop) or "don't be cooperative" (no-coop) are either by:

changing the lane change mode from 1621 (default, with coop) to 1617 (no-coop) using traci.vehicle.setLaneChangeMode(vehID=vh, lcm=1617) at every step for each vehicle in the simulation

OR by

changing the lcCooperative parameter from 1.0 (default, with coop) to 0.0 (no-coop) using traci.vehicle.setParameter(objID=vh, param="laneChangeModel.lcCooperative", value=str(0.0)) at every step for each vehicle in the simulation; while letting the default lane change mode of 1621 be.

But from the result of the time taken to complete simulation, they don't seem to be equivalent:

no-coop by setting lcCooperative to 0.0 - 373 s
no-coop by setting LCM to 1617 - 377 s

coop by setting lcCooperative to 1.0 - 365 s
coop by setting LCM to 1621 - 365 s

Could you please point me to the resource that I am missing to understand this difference? I am using the latest version of SUMO (main branch) built from the source.

Thank you.

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