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Re: [sumo-user] Collisions even with collision avoidance?

'immediate' collisions refer to collisions in the lane-changing step. Mode 256 only prevents lane-changing if there is a car adjacent to the ego car (longitudinal overlap).
Mode 512 also ensure "secure" gaps with regard to car-following. This ensures that all cars can keep driving without emergency braking.
The main use case for mode 256 assumes taking control over vehicle speeds for "dangerous" maneuvers that are still safe as long as all vehicles cooperate.

Am Do., 31. März 2022 um 10:16 Uhr schrieb Hriday Sanghvi via sumo-user <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

I may have misunderstood the lane change modes. Setting lane change mode to 256 (collision avoidance) should prevent any 'immediate' collisions in the simulation. But here I have a collision in this run with the vehicle in front emergency braking and hitting the vehicle in the back. My car following model is Krauss and lane changing model is SL2015.

When I set lane change mode to 512 (collision avoidance and gap enforecement), there is no collision. Please advise.

Thank you.
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