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[sumo-user] Filtered visualisation of single flows (after simulation)

Using vehroutes.xml (generated during simulation) and postprocessing (--intermediate) it is possible to visualize edge usage within the network, and to analyze parts of the network occupance if an edge or *consecutive* edges are specified as --subpart filters.
What I want to do is the following: not to be bound to specifying consecutive edges but instead the starting edge (or Taz) and final edge (or Taz). It is my purpose to show the degree of deviation of the shortest route of a predefined flow from/to edge/taz in a simulation under heavy traffic, where rat-run traffic may occur.

A method would be to filter vehroutes.xml through a text filter that leaves only <vehicle .... > entries that contain specified from(Taz) and to(Taz) strings, and then apply without --subpart (if has limitations).

BTW: A bug seems present when a begin time is set, e.g. -b 3000.
The output file then starts with begin="3000", but the viewport with byEdgedata, attribute intermediate does not show colored edges. Only after manualle editing the output file such that begin="0", then the color representation is present and plausible. It seems that the bug is in parsing the output file by the visualisation.

The begin time from creating countEdgeUsage-output is interesting, because one can focus the graphical representation to near-to-congestion time intervals.


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