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[sumo-user] Routing public transport dynamically during simulation

Hello all,


I am planning to use SUMO to have an agent interact via TraCI with an intermodal simulation to create new public transport routes to spawn new buses and reroute existing ones depending on current demand. From what I have gathered from the documentation and my experiments so far, this not easily possible since new public transport lines are not considered during intermodal (re)routing of persons. The only option I have seen so far is to use the taxi API and handle routing of passengers and vehicles manually outside SUMO to have them use the bus stops defined before. My question thus is: Is there perhaps any easier (and more performant) way of handling this within SUMO? Sorry if I have missed any relevant information in the documentation or repository.


Thanks for your help and time!


(I sincerely hope this mail is not appearing twice in your mailbox. I had some issues with the mail alias under which I subscribed to the list. Apologies if this should have led to two mails appearing!)


Best regards,



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