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[sumo-user] Cooperative lane changing in SL2015


I am trying to understand the cooperative actions taken by vehicles in SL2015 LC model. I am going through the C++ code and the start of this line: seems to have the crux of the cooperative actions taken. seems to be the selection of speed for the vehicle that is cooperating to let another vehicle onto its lane? OR is the selection of speed for the vehicle that is changing lane into another one? - Not sure how wanted (variable) is calculated. tells me that the speed above is also in some way related to checking the speed of the slowest leaders on the neighbouring lanes?

Please advise on where I could read more to understand in-depth - both the lane changing and the speed change that is required by the cooperative action? (For example, if I set the lcCooperative parameter to 1.0 (max))

Thank you.


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