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Re: [sumo-user] Converted shape file on sumo file network

Dear Yun-Pang,


Indeed, In response of your précédent message, I'll tell you that,  I have an OSM file that I converted to a shapefile so that I can 
modify the infrastructure according to the project variants and then later 
convert it to a SUMO file.


I tried to convert the shapefile to a sumo network file, the conversion was  done, except that the layout is composed of a gyratory. 

The ring of the gyratory has not been converted. 

The sumo network file is therefore incomplete and it lacks the ring. An error message is given.

Our friend JAKOB told me that it is better to work directly on JOSM, or netedit.

Without Ring Sincerely

Le vendredi 11 mars 2022, 11:19:50 UTC+1, <yun-pang.floetteroed@xxxxxx> a écrit :



As you said that you already have an OSM file, you can directly use it with netconvert to create a sumo network. More info can be found under


Kind regards,



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Betreff: [sumo-user] Converted shape file on sumo file network


Dears colleagues ,


I am a beginner in the use of SUMO Software.

I have an OSM file that i converted to a shape file. I tried to converti t to a Sumo network with netconvert.

The command executes with an error message, generating an empty network file.

The entire « runtime » message is transmitted in the attached Word file.

The essence of the error message is as follows :


C:\Users\cttp\Sumo>netconvert -v --shapefile-prefix varianteAvecPro -o\ --shapefile.use-defaults-on-failure


Loading data from 'varianteAvecPro.shp' ... ERROR 1: PROJ: proj_identify: Cannot find proj.db

ERROR 1: PROJ: proj_create_from_database: Cannot find proj.db


Available fields: osm_id name highway waterway aerialway barrier man_made z_order other_tags

pj_obj_create: Cannot find proj.db

Warning: Edge '24' connects identical nodes, skipping.


Writing network ...

Error: Could not build output file '\' (Invalid argument).

Quitting (on error).



Thank you for your help.


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