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Re: [sumo-user] SUMO OpenDrive unable to load in VTD

Thank you for the examples.

Unfortunately, I also cannot identify the problem in those files and cannot even reproduce the problem due to lack of access to VTD.

1. You could try to narrow it down by testing simpler and ever simpler files until you find identify the element that creates the problem.
2. The other way in wish you could support the bug fixing effort would be thus:
- build Carla from source with debug flags enabled (unfortunately, this step involves more effort than I can spare right now).
- load the xodr that makes it crash in the gdb debugger (gdb --args CARLA COMMANDS)
- send me the stack trace genered by gdb

best regards,

Am Mo., 7. März 2022 um 10:49 Uhr schrieb Ovsenjak, Gregor AVL/SI via sumo-user <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>:


since Carla is unable to load OpenDrive files created by SUMO and support from their developers is bad I tried to load an OpenDrive file into VTD. However when parsing even a simple 6 KB OpenDrive file of a straight highway road VTD is unable to load it. It gets stuck in a loop.  I compared it with another XODR file which was not created by SUMO, and VTD was able to load it. But when comparing the XML structure I could not find any concerning difference, except at the start where SUMO uses encoding="UTF-8", whereas WorkingVTD file uses standalone="yes". I can load the odr  in ESMINI. I am using a development version of SUMO loaded on 14th of February. However even when trying with a stable version of SUMO, VTD cannot load an xodr file. I don't know where is the issue, could You perhaps help me locate the issue ?

Best regards,

Gregor Ovsenjak

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