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[sumo-user] SUMO OpenDrive unable to load in VTD


since Carla is unable to load OpenDrive files created by SUMO and support from their developers is bad I tried to load an OpenDrive file into VTD. However when parsing even a simple 6 KB OpenDrive file of a straight highway road VTD is unable to load it. It gets stuck in a loop.  I compared it with another XODR file which was not created by SUMO, and VTD was able to load it. But when comparing the XML structure I could not find any concerning difference, except at the start where SUMO uses encoding="UTF-8", whereas WorkingVTD file uses standalone="yes". I can load the odr  in ESMINI. I am using a development version of SUMO loaded on 14th of February. However even when trying with a stable version of SUMO, VTD cannot load an xodr file. I don't know where is the issue, could You perhaps help me locate the issue ?

Best regards,

Gregor Ovsenjak

Attachment: WorkingInVTD.xodr
Description: WorkingInVTD.xodr

Attachment: simple-highway-different-SUMO.xodr
Description: simple-highway-different-SUMO.xodr

Attachment: simple-highway.xodr
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