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Re: [sumo-user] Deadlock in the Junction

There are two ways to deal with this situation
a) override this type of junction deadlock by setting the option --ignore-junction-blocker TIME (vehicles will ignore the blocked junction after waiting for TIME)
b)  figure out why the blockage happens. Possible causes are:
  - insufficient clearance time (i.e. all-red-time) between phases relative to the size of the junction
     -  most likely problem:  signal plan with permissive green 'g' and no added 'G' phase for vehicles with permissive left turn (left turning vehicles wait on the junction and have insufficient time to finish their turn before the next phase starts).
  - a developing jam on the outbound edge that starts during a green phase and leaves some vehicles "stranded" on the junction when their phase runs out
  - misconfigured signal plan (that gives 'G' to conflicting streams)
  - outdated version of SUMO with implementation bugs
  - as of yet undiscovered implementation bugs in the latest SUMO release

If you cannot figure it out / suspect the latter, please send in a minimal failing example.


Am Do., 17. Feb. 2022 um 19:28 Uhr schrieb soni shamli <shamlisoni@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hello Team,

We have created a detailed real world model of the junction and feeded real world demand traffic on all connected lanes.

This leads to a four fold deadlock in the center of the junction even when all four outgoing directions are empty.

Is there a possibility to avoid deadlocks in the center of junctions despite teleporting eg. by increasing the distance between vehicles on the junctions.

Please find the snapshot attached in this email.

Thanks & Regards,
Shamli Soni
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