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[sumo-user] Questions regarding randomtTrips and routeSampler with edge relation data

Dear SUMO Team,

i have a SUMO network with entered edge relation data which i wanted to use to generate Traffic and I'm not sure if i did the right steps.

Here the Steps:

    1. generate a route file with  like this:

    python -n /*path to net file*/ --period 0.1 --min-distance 50 --route-file /*output path to route file*/vehroutes.xml --trip-attributes="departLane=\"best\" departSpeed=\"max\" departPos=\"random\""

    2. generate trip file with the route file from step 1 and the edge relation data like this:

    python -r /*path to route file*/vehroutes.xml  --turn-files /*path to edge relation data*/edgeRelation7-8.xml -o /*output path*/count.peak7-8.trips.xml

    When i run the script i get several warnings that no route pass the edgeX (X stand for the id) but i still get routes on these edges. Does this mean that the routeSampler generate new trips if no trips pass a certain edge?

    When i start the Simulation with these generated routes i get several vehicles teleporting because of "wrong lane". In your documentation it says to avoid this i need to set "departLane="best", which i obviously did.     Furthermore the randomTrips should be checked by duarouter, since i directly output the route files, if I'm not mistaken. What occur this issue?

Best regards

Martin Högner

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