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[sumo-user] 回复:Re: Precisely control of acceleration

Thanks for your reply. I have a few more question to discuss with you. 
1. Do you know how the position of the vehicle is updated in each simulation step? Does it assume constant speed during each step or use the acceleration also? 
2. What's more, if the vehicle is turning in the intersection, how do I use the angle to calculate the next position? Does the vehicle rotate according to the front bumper?

Looking forward to your reply.  

Best wishes,
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In order to control the acceleration, you must call traci.vehicle.setSpeed in every simulation step, to set the speed that would result from the desired acceleration.

Am Do., 10. Feb. 2022 um 04:52 Uhr schrieb 李多为 <liduoweilisa@xxxxxxxx>:
Dear developers,
Hello! I am now using Traci to control the behavior of vehicles in intersections. I have a questions to discuss with you.
Do you have any method to precisely control the acceleration of the vehicle? traci.vehicle.setAcceleration() only sets the optimal maximum value, but can't control it precisely.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,
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