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[sumo-user] Tools: seems to be generating route files with no vehicles

I'm trying to use the tool to have a constant number of vehicles in my simulation, as suggested in the FAQ, here is my code.

python3 /usr/share/sumo/tools/ -n --begin 0 --end 100 --period 1 --intermediate 100000 -r constantVehicles.rou.xml -o const.trips.xml

Then I run my simulation with the following options:

sumo-gui -c osm.sumocfg --route-files constantVehicles.rou.xml  --additional-files detectors.add.xml 

However the simulation never generates any vehicles, and there is no warning or error printed, so I don't know what the issue could be.

Any insight/ help anyone could provide on this would be much appreciated. I've provided links some of my files which may be relevant.

Jordan McConnon

Séanadh Ríomhphoist/

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