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Re: [sumo-user] Simulation duration effect

If your flow ends at time 3600, the final vehicles do not have time to arrive.
The following approaches are both viable:
- run your scenarios until all vehicles have arrived (result analysis must account for different scenario durations)
- run your scenario to a fixed time (result analysis must account for different vehicle numbers)

The second approach may be aided by setting option --tripinfo-output.write-unfinished or even --tripinfo-output.write-undeparted
This way all vehicles will be part of the output (with some attributes set to the error value "-1") but you must still handle the vehicles that did not arrive or depart in your analysis.

Am Mi., 2. Feb. 2022 um 11:48 Uhr schrieb mehmet nedim yavuz <mehmetnedimyvz@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Sumo Users,I am confused about simulation output. I am using vehsPerHour attribute in flow definition,for my example vehsPerHour=2000 begin=0 end=3600.Simulation duration is also 3600 second.I am getting the output by tripinfo output file.But some vehicle has not arrived their destination in simulation duration.Thus tripinfo output file is not as expected. Should I wait until all vehicles arrived? For different traffic demand scenario, it causes different simulation duration. What should be the correct approach? Thanks for help. Regards.
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